Autumn time

Autumn time


New Batch of fresh poppers is here!

Buy Poppers in shop with Huge Selection!Man Scent, Amsterdam, Rush, Nitro, Blue boy, Pig Sweat, Jungle Juice, Rochefort, Highrise, English, Colt fuel etc!

Come in to choose fresh, original strong poppers, folks!  Test the strength of true popers!  See left menu. Log in.

We ship Poppers to all countries, mainly USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, SAE, Thailand, Korea, all Europe  and to all over the World  

ATTENTION!! customers from CANADA may order max. 4 bottles -  due to strict customs regulations. 

We ship to UK after 1st April 2016 as before, in usual packing.
Pls. do not order too many bottles at once!

Original poppers made by JUNGLE JUICE and LOCKERROOM MARKETING. We offer a wide range of poppers ever as you can read in the poppers forum. Prove the best selling items.

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