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poppers ORGASMUS small 9 ml

poppers ORGASMUS liquid incense - 9 ml, everybody know what is ORGASMUS!

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poppers ORGASMUS 9ml

The special feature of this new aroma: a uniquely engineered formula which not only enhances orgasms by intensifying body responses to sexual stimulation, but also strives to be medically safe. While sexually active, the aromatic fragrance sharpens and deepens both our body awareness and our anatomic and emotional response to any sexual stimulations. We experience any motion and movement, any emotion and feeling much more intense because all our senses are sharpened way beyond our normal anatomic awareness. At the same time, our erotic and sexual experience should not be hindered by any arising medical discomfort - the design of this new formula especially focuses not only on sexual pleasure, but also on the safe utilisation of the actual aroma, which makes this formula potentially safer than others. Therefore, no need for any pills or other little extra-helpers - just open the bottle and out pops a kickstart to sexual delight.

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